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I’m sorry they accepted the report and booted FV out of the Presbyterian Church in America.

What are the issues involved?  Essentially, nobody can really figure it out.  It’s about the nature of the Covenant, the standing of children born and baptized into the covenant, and a few other things.

It’s not about the Trinitarian nature of God.  It’s not (Dr. Sproul…) about justification by faith.   It’s not about almost anything that makes a huge difference to most people.  It’s certainly not about evangelism, truth, or repentance of the Islamic world.  It’s a little in-house battle, and it should have stayed that way.  It should have been thought about, written about, and discussed for the next 10 years.

I’ve noted that among Presbyterians and Reformed Baptists (especially the latter) there is a clever technique which draws any kind of connection between the current theological debate and something important that it can.  So, FV comes to = justification by faith.  Eschatology = acceptance of the Bible.  Calvinism = God’s Lordship.  etc.  These people know that they’re supposed to be unified with other believers.  They also know that they can break with other believers if the “others” are heretics.  So what to do when a brother has a theology you disagree with?  Make it an issue of pure heresy and then get rid of him.

Like most other Presbyterian denominations in American history, the PCA seems to have peaked.

Doug Wilson wrote,

Those who go by the nickname TR are actually curators of the Reformed mausoleum, and not scholars in the Reformed tradition… when someone actually stands up against the living and breathing ecclesiastical Mitred Ones, they haul this argument out as shamelessly as a theologian who thinks he is supposed to have an infallible magisterium. And they do this against people who they say are trying to “lead them to down the road Rome.” But how can you lead people to Rome when they are already there?

I think he’s on to something.


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